Install Triple Boot [Windows, Hackintosh, Ubuntu] with GUID Partition Table

How to triple boot Snow Leopard, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.10

* Prepare the hard drive
Select GUID partition table
    Create 3 partitions:
        1st – Mac OS Extended (Journaled) – name it osx
        2nd – MSDOS (FAT) – name it win
        3rd – MSDOS (FAT) – name it linux
* Install Windows 7
Type of installation – custom (advanced)
Select Disk 0 Partition 3: WIN > drive options (advanced) > format > OK > next
Continue with Windows 7 installation until it is done
* Install Snow Leopard
Follow any of my guides located here
Skip partitioning hard drive step and simply select osx partition for the installation. This is the one that was created above.
Continue with the OSX installation guide.
* Install Ubuntu 11.10
– Select “Something else”
– Delete /dev/sda4 fat32 partition
– Create ext4 system partition; Mount point: /
– Create swac partition (1.5 x of your RAM)
– Select ext4 partition
– Select /dev/sda4 for the boot loader installation
– Continue installation
At this point you will get \Boot\BCD error when trying to boot Windows 7
To fix it:
* Start Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install gptsync
sudo gptsync /dev/sda
At this point Windows 7 will set its partition to active and be the only one that will boot
To change the active partition to Chameleon again:

* Start Windows 7
From the cmd
select disk 0
select partition 2        <= this is the osx one with chameleon installed

– reboot

All OSs will show up again via Chameleon bootloader
All done
* Customize Chameleon Bootloader appearance (optional)
Modify org.chameleon.Boot.plist as follow:
To change Chameleon theme to “BootCamp_By_SpiderNet” (make sure it exists under /Extra/Themes/BootCamp_By_SpiderNet)
Remove the following entry (removes the timeout and the timeout bar):
Change Boot Banner to “no” (removes top bar with Chameleon version number):
<key>Boot Banner</key>
Customize partition names (displays “osx” as “Snow Leopard”, “win” as “Windows 7” and “linux” as “Linux”):
        <key>Rename Partition</key>
        <string>hd(0,2) “Snow Leopard”;hd(0,3) “Windows 7”; hd(0,4) “Linux”</string>

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